»Everything in the universe is made of math. Blockchain is a mathematical framework, free of human errors. It will change the world as we know it. We are the pioneers of this industrial revolution.« You want to be part of it?


Forward-Thinking Blockchain Solutions-as a Service

MARKNetwork Inc. is an organized/unified global blockchain scaling solution for current and future projects to expand into the DLT realms (Distributed-Ledger-Technologies) without losing focus of their business model. The strength of the MARKNetwork comes through the evolving interoperability of projects to unify autonomously via the MARKNetwork.


Shared Masternode Mining as a Service. Get your own digital currencies to work for you. Our service makes it easy to participate as a miner in your favorite Masternodes and receive fees directly to your wallet.

Service started Q1/2019

MARK Blockchain

Next generation Blockchain with to have future oriented consensus protocol, Smart Contract capabilities, Masternode support, and a goal to scale up to millions of transactions per second. 

In development. First release: Q2/2019 


Easy-to-use market Arbitrage Solution with trading bots for ultra fast market transactions between the top crypto trading platforms.   

In development. First release: Q2/2019


Next generation Hybrid Crypto-Exchange. Solving the liquidity problem of decentralized exchanges. Margin Trading, Security Token Offerings & White Label solutions.  

Coming Soon. First release: Q3/2019

MARKNetwork Inc. (File Number: 7293058) is incorporated in Delaware , U.S.A. (More details).


Project Launch & Business Plan




May-October 2018

Team building





May-Nov. 2018

Company Founded





October 2018

Shared and Full Masternodes Service




1st Quarter 2019

Blockchain Development and Wallets [Started]



2nd Quarter 2019

Triangular Arbitrage Bots powered by AI Development



2nd Quarter 2019 

Crypto Exchange and White Label Development

[Coming Soon


3nd Quarter 2019 



 [Coming Soon



Throughout 2019+ 

White Label Product Integration


[Coming Soon


Throughout 2019+ 


Let’s invent the future – with the power of Blockchain.” ~ Matthias Jakisch

  Meet some of our professional team members:

Matthias Jakisch: CEO
Matthias Jakisch

CEO and Founder

Location: United States of America


I see myself more as a liberal leader of the company, for me, the opinion of others in the team has a high priority, especially if it stimulates me to form new ideas or solutions.




Manish Garg: CFO
Manish Garg 


Location: India


Change is perpetual. Industrial revolution to Information technology to E-Commerce and now to Blockchain. People who accepted created history and people who resisted have become history. The blockchain is a sea which will accommodate everything inside.


SirUltra: Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO)


Location: United States of America


Seamlessly merging blockchain into our daily lives.

As Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Ultra works with many top blockchain projects. Open source community managing director, Ethical Director for Altcoins Foundation, his core teams are comprised of highly skilled and ethical tier 6 – tier 21 top data and security experts in there field solely to under-promise and over-deliver while providing maximum real world uses. By offering sustainable decentralized disruptive blockchain technology, focus is on privacy, freedom, and anonymity.

Max Ambrose: CLO
Max Ambrose


Location: United States of America


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize modern economies for the benefit of humanity. Our creativity and determination will drive innovation.” 








We want YOU! 


Interested in accompanying us on our journey?


You are committed and passionate in what you do?

Then you are right with us!

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Sean Brizendine: Networking Advisor
Sean Brizendine

Networking Advisor

Location: United States of America 

Christian Renger: Advisor Legal Services
Christian Renger

Advisor Legal Services

Location: Germany 


Invest in us, Today: the ‘How’ & ‘Why’

MARKToken Security Token Offering (STO) (Ticker Symbol: XMARK)


MARKToken is a security token (digital TRC-20 Token on the TRON Blockchain) backed by dividends from MARKNetwork Inc., incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A..


Why we have an STO?


  • Shareholder equity rights can be converted into digital tokens
  • Company shares live on a Blockchain database in an immutable manner
  • Investors can self-manage their assets with no middlemen involved
  • Investments raised from the STO will help MARKNetwork Inc. speed up its development process


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