»Everything in the universe is made of math. Blockchain is a mathematical framework, free of human errors. It will change the world as we know it. We are the pioneers of this industrial revolution.« You want to be part of it?


Global Scaling Ecosystem of Blockchain Solutions

MARKNetwork Inc. is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) company based in Delaware, U.S.A..


  • Technology offers superb opportunities for innovation
  • But developing solutions is time consuming and complicated
  • Most white-label systems only manage a limited range of innovators’ needs
  • Firms are getting trapped in a fragmented network of technologies and service providers
  • Innovation is being stifled


  • MARKNetwork Inc. solves these challenges, making it possible to manage a multiple technologies with a single relationship
  • We offer an environment that lets businesses focus on innovation without getting bogged down in technology
  • We deliver intuitive services that help businesses make the most of opportunity


  • We save time and effort
  • We reduce security concerns
  • We remove technical barriers
  • We reduce labor costs
  • We simplify complex, overlapping technology relationships
  • We let businesses focus on their ideas, products and services

MARKNetwork Inc. (File Number: 7293058) is incorporated in Delaware , U.S.A..


Products and Services


Blockchain technology offers tremendous potential for any business. We help you to take your business model to the next technological level. We advise and develop any blockchain based solutions. No limits applied.


Shared Masternode Mining as a Service. Get your own digital currencies to work for you. Our service makes it super easy to participate as a miner in your favorite Masternodes and receive fees directly to your wallet. Open to global clients.


(In Development) Triangular Arbitrage and automated Trading Solution with Artificial Intelligence powered trading bots for ultra fast market transactions between the top cryptocurrency-exchange trading platforms. In house solution, open to investors and global venture capital management firms only.


Next generation Hybrid Cryptocurrency-Exchange. Solving the liquidity problem of decentralized exchanges. Margin Trading, Initial Exchange Offerings, Security Token Offerings & White Label solutions. Open to global clients.


Payment system and payment processor for integration in Point-of-Sale systems, online retail systems, and MARKNetwork’s future blockchain solutions, implemented via Application Programming Interface (API). Open to global business clients.


Secures the rights in a Commercial Real Estate on immutable, blockchain based smart contracts. Fractional ownership of CRE is opening a way bigger access to investors globally. Open to global CRE buyers, sellers and agents. White Label marketplace.

MARKVenture Capital Management

Funding of small, early-stage or emerging companies that are deemed to have high growth potential. Detailed background check of the companies we support in advance. Open to global investors, accredited US-investors and family offices.

Global Blockchain Events Group

#1 Source of Blockchain related Trust and Knowledge. Series of 12 Blockchain Conferences around the globe and the Global Blockchain Awards Show once per year. Open to global blockchain and business related companies and individuals.


Our Way to Success

It all began with the first step…  Q2 2018 

  • Project idea created (May): MARKNetwork
  • EU Trademarks registered: MARK, MARKNetwork, MARKPay, MARKToken and MARKCoin
  • Domain registered:
  • Domain registered:
  • Domain registered:
  • Legal Advisor (EU) joined: Christian Renger
  • MARKNetwork logo created
  • First MARKNetwork introduction video created
  • MARKCoin wallet / payment demo app (Android) developed

Q3 2018 

  • First white-board discussion in Cologne/Germany
  • Head of Legal Department joined: Max Ambrose
  • First Press Release (PDF)

Q4 2018 

  • Company registered as MARKNetwork Blockchain Solutions LLC, WY, U.S.A. (October)
  • Domain registered:
  • Domain registered:
  • Domain registered:
  • MARKMining logo created
  • CEO (MNIT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd) joined: Manish Garg
  • US Trademarks registered
  • First product development team members joined
  • First marketing and social media team members joined
  • EU Trademarks registered: MARKMining, MARKVenture Capital Management, MARK Blockchain
  • Start of MARKNetwork Educational Blog
  • CPA (US) and Tax consultant (India) joined
  • Networking Advisor joined: Sean Brizendine

Q1 2019 

  • Company moved and registered as MARKNetwork Inc., DE, U.S.A. (January)
  • MARKMining Explainer Video created
  • First version of MARKMining released
  • Vision Paper first release
  • OnePager first release
  • Head of Innovations joined: Jeff Schmelzkopf
  • NASDAQ (New York) interview with Jane King and Max Ambrose (link to the video)
  • CEO video update (link to the video)
  • CEO Stage speech and MARKNetwork booth: Blockchain Conference (Singapore)

Q2 2019 

  • MARKNetwork joined LOT Network (link) – LOT Network is the preventative cure for the patent assertion entity (PAE) problem.
  • Begin development of MARKArbitrage automated Trading Bots (May).
  • Release of podcast interview by The Crypto Bully with MARKNetwork‘s founder and CEO Matthias Jakisch (link) on June 12th.


MARKNetwork Inc. Ecosystem

MARKNetwork Blockchain Solutions Ecosystem


Let’s invent the future – with the power of Blockchain.” ~ Matthias Jakisch

Meet some of our professional core team members:

Matthias Jakisch: CEO
Matthias Jakisch

CEO and Founder

Location: Germany / U.S.A.

Manish Garg: CFO
Manish Garg 

CEO (MNIT India)

Location: India

SirUltra: Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO)
Jeff Schmelzkopf

Head of Innovations

Location: U.S.A.

Max Ambrose: CLO
Max Ambrose

Head of Legal Department

Location: U.S.A.







We want YOU! 


Interested in accompanying us on our journey?


You are committed and passionate in what you do? Then you are right with us!

Please contact us via our social media channels, contact form below, or simply by e-mail to:



Sean Brizendine: Networking Advisor
Sean Brizendine

Networking Advisor

Location: U.S.A.

Christian Renger: Advisor Legal Services
Christian Renger

Legal Advisor (EU)

Location: Germany 


Invest in us, Today: the ‘How’ & ‘Why’

Equity rights: The security token is preferred stock and is ownership of the company according to Delaware’s General Corporation Law. The preferred stock (“MARKToken“) gives equity rights and dividend rights in MARKNetwork Inc.. It does not give voting rights, please talk to us about the common stock purchasing option, to also obtain voting rights.

MARKToken Security Token Offering (STO) (Ticker Symbol: XMARK)


MARKToken is a security token (digital TRC20 Token on the TRON Blockchain) backed by dividends from MARKNetwork Inc., incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A..


Why we have an STO?


  • Shareholder equity rights can be converted into digital tokens

  • Company shares live on a Blockchain database in an immutable manner

  • Investors can self-manage their assets with no middlemen involved

  • Investments raised from the STO will help MARKNetwork Inc. speed up its development process


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