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Updates and Upgrades- ExclusiveCoin and BitcoinGreen

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»Masternode projects are evolving rapidly. ExclusiveCoin and BitcoinGreen are two of our Green Category coins that have established a strong presence in the market. Let us have a look at how the platforms are evolving.«

Bitcocingreen_Exclusive coin

Launched in 2014, Exclusive Coin today is a well-established coin. The currency not only values the user privacy with Darksend, but also support fast and near instant transactions. Exclusive Coin platform supports the ecosystem with multi-platform wallets for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux users.

As an established Proof-of-stake coin it has established some exciting features recently. As a 5-year old Masternode supporting blockchain, the ExclusiveCoin (Ticker: EXCL) on 16th March 2019 traded 0.8% higher against the dollar. The Bull Run has begun on 15th March when the coin traded 0.1% higher against the dollar. According to the latest information, the ExclusiveCoin can be bought on premium crypto exchanges like CoinExchange, Upbit, CryptoBridge and Bittrex. Currently the market capitalization of ExclusiveCoin is around $845,206.00 which establishes it as a strong project in the crypto market.

MARKMining platform supports both shared and full-masternode hosting of ExclusiveCoin.

Recent Technical updates

The technical team published a mandatory update that fixed the Difficulty retarget in Dec 2018. Adjustments have been made to the algorithm to combat blocks with that have negative timestamps. The changes target to increase the minimum number of confirmations required for stakes to 1440.

  1. The EXCL bootstrap will ensure the sync will be faster and will make sure the user has the right blocks always.
  2. The Exclusive coin team has added ‘lockunspent’ functionality that temporarily locks or unlocks the specified transaction.

It is not a mandatory update for the Exclusivecoin users.

Its strong position on in March 2019 gave its price a noteworthy boost.


Advantages of Exclusive Coin Technology

Exclusive Coin offers its users a masternode platform where they can participate in the growth of the project as the coin employs Proof-of-stake consensus.The transactions using ExclusiveCoin are private, secure and fast.ExclusiveCoin technology ensures the transactions are fully anonymous as well as untraceable.

The coin held 6th position in Jan 2019 on the platform as it is in process of establishing its strong presence throughout the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What does the future of Exclusive Coin hold?

The Exclusive Coin is a promising Masternode coin that plans to bring forward some exclusive features. These features add value to its market existence:

  1. The platform targets to build an On-The-Fly Exchange. Such an exchange will make it easy for the Bitcoin holders to make transactions on the go.
  2. With the introduction of Electrum Light Wallet, the platform targets to support lightweight transactions which will add to the convenience of Exclusive Coin.
  3. Mass adoption of ExclusiveCoin is projected with the introduction of Android Wallet.Complete anonymity of the transactions with Zerocash Protocol

Bitcoin Green (BITG)

Bitcoin Green (BITG), a sustainable cryptocurrency hit its maximum trading volume of $8,386.00 on 30th Jan 2019. As a decentralized and peer-to-peer tradable currency, it targets to resolve the increasing energy consumption by PoW and PoS blockchain.

Currently, the Proof-of-work mining ecosystem is draining the environment with its power demand for high-electricity consuming hardware. With the utilization of Green protocol, the coin requires no specialized mining gear and can be mined on any computer. As a faster and scalable blockchain, it offers crypto enthusiasts a less energy intensive platform that can be adopted.

  1. SwiftTX is the fast transaction feature of Bitcoin Green blockchain.Usage of Masternode layer ensures the network is more secure.
  2. The Masternode collateral can be secured by 2,500 BITG.

MARKMining platform makes Bitcoin Green Masternode participation easy as it offers instant shared and full masternode hosting service.

Recent updates

The BITG tech team released its Web Wallet on February 12. The uniqueness of the wallet is that it supports offline BITG storage. Without the requirement of blockchain sync, the Web wallet supports the send and receive BITG.

  1. Stakebase Exchange is a Proof-of-Stake exchange that will be using BITG as its base currency to support a sustainable ecosystem of cryptocurrencies with high transaction speed.
  2. Sistemkoin, the popular Turkish cryptocurrency exchange-listed Bitcoin GreenBITG fortified its security stance when it remained unaffected by the Cryptopia hack which involved liquidation of crypto token worth $3.2 Million.
  3. The recent Fake Stake Vulnerability fixes implemented by the team. There were two vulnerabilities that affected 26+ Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies. The network attackers with almost insignificant stake could crash the network. Bitcoin Green proved to be resistant to the first vulnerability and the second vulnerability had no correlation with BITG.
  4. The BITG tech team is in the process of developing Roots Program Payment Administration.
  5. In the first quarter of 2019 BITG listed its first USD (TUSD) pair on CryptoBridge

What does the future of Bitcoin Green hold?

The performance of the project has been stable enough despite the bearish market. The next two-quarters of the project seems promising enough with the introduction of:

  1. The BITG team is about to introduce the Decentralized Governance ProgramQ2 of the project promises release of Electrum Wallet which will facilitate
  2. The project team is working on the development of Crowdfunding Web Application
  3. In Q3 the BITG users can expect a Mobile Wallet Release

The project showed phenomenal growth in early Q1 of 2019 as it ranked on 6th position on in January:

Bitcoin Green

To wrap

Both the projects are very promising and as the development teams have stayed on top of everything, more and more users want to participate in the Masternodes of both Exclusive Coin and Bitcoin Green. If you are looking for instant and reliable masternode hosting services, MARKMining is a perfect platform to do that.

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