About Matthias Jakisch

CEO and Founder of MARKNetwork

Matthias Jakisch: CEO

Matthias Jakisch is a entrepreneur, owner and co-owner of several businesses. Due to his great personal interest in the blockchain technology, he has been personally fully committed to this area since years while self-educating himself by researching and learning the insights of the technology, he became a blockchain specialist, voice and forward thinker in this area.


In 2018, as founder and CEO of the blockchain company MARKNetwork Blockchain Solutions LLC Wyoming, USA and his great team of longtime Blockchain experts with a large worldwide network, he offers all solutions needed for Blockchain companies as startup mentor, advisor and investor/fundraising.


Location: United States of America (Sheridan, WY)


Age: 42


Specialties: Business development, Software development, Blockchain technology


Hobbies: My work, my family, traveling, table tennis


I love to work out ideas and to realize them, the cooperation with my team is very important to me. I’m the one who sets the sparks but the team as a whole generates the fire and this is always amazingly satisfying for me. I love what I do.

Quote: “I see myself more as a liberal leader of the company, for me, the opinion of others in the team has a high priority, especially if it stimulates me to form new ideas or solutions.” 


Bio: In 2015, he founded the company SEOAgentur2Go, where he created, enhanced or acquired existing online projects. In 2003, together with his wife, he started to build up a successful online store company, this shop is still running today with good results. His personal work focused on the purchase of products, according to company’s specifications and quality standards, constant contact with the manufacturing partners and automating all processes in the company for optimum cost-efficiency.


Always interested in computer based technologies and programming of those machines since his early youth, he started working as a software engineer for cash register systems in Hildesheim, Germany in 1999, and became self-employed by starting his own software company in 2000, he also worked in the software company Hönigsberg & Düvel (H&D), Gifhorn, Germany, in their Wolfsburg branch, primarily working on projects for and within the Volkswagen Group.

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