MARKNetwork Inc., DELAWARE, U.S.A.

Global Blockchain Solutions from a Single Source!

MARKNetwork Inc. is a globally-focused, unified Blockchain solutions provider, registered in Delaware, USA. We are developing a Global Scaling Ecosystem of Blockchain Solutions.

MARKNetwork Inc. (File Number: 7293058) is incorporated in Delaware , U.S.A..


  • Technology offers superb opportunities for innovation
  • But developing solutions is time consuming and complicated
  • Most white-label systems only manage a limited range of innovators’ needs
  • Firms are getting trapped in a fragmented network of technologies and service providers
  • Innovation is being stifled


  • MARKNetwork Inc. solves these challenges, making it possible to manage a multiple
 technologies with a single relationship
  • We offer an environment that lets businesses focus on innovation without getting bogged
 down in technology
  • We deliver intuitive services that help businesses make the most of opportunity


  • We save time and effort
  • We reduce security concerns
  • We remove technical barriers
  • We reduce labor costs
  • We simplify complex, overlapping technology relationships
  • We let businesses focus on their ideas, products and services

We will develop marketable Blockchain solutions that finally bring the technology into everyone’s daily life. With our solutions, people will no longer need to be a specialist in the industry to use the technology, resulting in more freedom for every single person on the planet. With a large team of well-known blockchain specialists, we are confident we can achieve our ambitious goals.

The MARKNetwork is the parent company for each individual business entity that makes up the company as a whole. The first focus of our company is to generate income by providing the MARKMining shared Masternodes service, building a new generation of Blockchain, the MARK Blockchain, and creating a new generation of hybrid exchange, the MARKSwap exchange, which includes a white-label version offered as a service.

Dividends from MARKNetwork Inc. are distributed to holders of MARKToken based on the percentage that each financial partner holds. The MARKToken is a security token that aims to be fully compliant with all US and foreign regulations around the world, enabling you to participate in the dividends from MARKNetwork Inc. and its business entities. Please refer to the profit allocation overview in the MARKToken information section of our website.


Strategic Partnerships and Legal Process

MARKNetwork Inc. is dedicated to forming strategic partnerships with larger companies and well-known industry personalities in order to permanently and quickly strengthen the visibility of the MARKNetwork.

MARKNetwork is committed to closely and transparently following all legal procedures to secure the objectives of our roadmap. All business practices will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the United States, the European Union, and all other relevant jurisdictions. MARKNetwork is registered as MARKNetwork Inc. in the state of Delaware, U.S.A., and plans to register the MARKSwap exchange in accordance with Malta and European Union law.

Everything from a single source! This means that MARKNetwork is interested in securing efficient third party partnerships that provide the most benefit for the company and its financial partners, while maintaining full control of the network and hardware to ensure the security and durability of the entire network infrastructure.

Network uptime will be maximized through the use of redundancy for the network’s critical infrastructure. The network will be supported by a field service tied to strict service-level-agreements (SLAs) to replace failing parts as soon as possible and keep any service interruptions to a bare minimum. By closely monitoring the multiple Network parameters, we can identify incidents quickly or prevent them altogether.

MARKNetwork Inc. is member of the LOT Network – Eliminate the Patent Troll Threat!

LOT Network


Building global blockchain solutions for the future!

Q4 2019MARKPay is the payment system and payment processor for integration of Point-of-Sale systems, online retail systems, and MARKNetwork’s future blockchain solutions, implemented via Application Programming Interface (API).

What is MARKPay?

MARKPay is, so to speak, the interface between the MARK Blockchain and software programs or mobile apps. We integrate the MARKPay interface through an API interface. This makes it possible for programs and apps to communicate in a simple way with the MARK Blockchain and conduct transactions in any languages that the software programs or apps are written in.

It is therefore possible to program any application based on the MARK Blockchain.

MARKPay will generally be used as an interface between the carried transaction and the MARK Blockchain, apart from transactions by the official MARK Blockchain Wallets.

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